Dunamis Gospel Awards Rules

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  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-212
  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-198
  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-160
  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-068
  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-057
  • Mix-of-Cancer-Awareness,-DunAmis-17-,-Christmas-Play-051
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Submitting Your Nominations

Nominations for 2019

Online Awards Entry Period Date

Dunamis gospel awards takes pride in showcasing planning and hosting this “Power in Action Award” show honoring the INDEPENDENT GOSPEL MUSIC INDUSTRY. Therefore we take great pride in our nominations and the artist that seek to be recognized by Dunamis Gospel Awards.

Rules for Submission

  • Dunamis encourage all nominees that submit a nomination to be aware of the date of the events and be able to attend and support the Dunamis Gospel Awards.
  • Dunamis ask that you do not make nominations knowing that you may have complications that will prevent you from attending or supporting the awards. This would leave opportunities for other nominees to make the ballot.
  • If you do not plan to support the awards or attend, Dunamis encourage you not to submit a nomination.

Nomination Eligibility 


Online Submission Process
Nomination Submissions will only be accepted online. (No phone or email entry will be accepted)
The General Public may enter (1) nomination per category per day as desired. The nominee with the most votes will be on the ballot.

Press Conference
The nominees will be announced during a press conference on the radio.
Nominees will be placed on the Dunamis website under “Nominees”

Voting process
The general public will be allowed to vote on all nominations and categories except that of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Trailblazer of the Year Award, and Local Legend Award.
Voting will be open daily and can vote unlimited times a day in all categories. official holding will begin on date.

To vote:
Please enter your email address to access the ballot.
You do not have to cast a ballot in all categories.

Vote for your favorite Dunamis nominee
Your vote determines winners!!!!

Results from voting will go directly to our Executive Team for validation. The winners will be announced at the 2018 Dunamis Gospel Awards main event.

On stage performance at Dunamis
Performing Live at the Dunamis Gospel Awards

You can have that Big opportunity of performing Live on the stage of Dunamis!!!

Step 1:   The artist or management must submit an application to perform via our website below.

Step 2:   The artist or management must submit a MP3 or WAV formatted single or track, bio and artist promotional photo in jpeg format.

Step 3:  All artist must purchase a ticket

Performance submission opens
Performance submission deadline

Click here for the Dunamis Performance Registration Form